Monday, May 7, 2012

ALEC Charlotte Meeting - What They Gonna Do?

So – ALEC is meeting in Charlotte this week on Friday and Saturday, May 11 and 12.

For newbies to the world of ALEC – you may be wondering what this meeting is and what it is about and an explanation starts the entry.  The entry ends with a link to more specific information about this years May event.

Here is an overview with reference to a very good article about the specifics of the ALEC meeting to promote anti-democratic policies and legislation.

From ALEC literature
Spring Task Force Summit
An intensive meeting of ALEC’s Task Force members, the Summit is designed to keep members abreast of new developments in the states with Task Force meetings, and hearings on pressing issues.

ALEC public and private sector members, serving on ALEC’s nine national Task Forces, draft, introduce, debate, and vote on Model Legislation throughout the year.

Spring Task Force Summit
The Summit is an intensive three-day meeting of ALEC’s task force members, designed to keep members abreast of new developments in the states, and includes Task Force meetings, hearings on pressing issues, and plenary meal sessions with policy discussions and presentations. Only sitting Task Force members attend these meetings with the goal of setting the Task Force agenda for the upcoming year.

And what will they be doing at this Task Force Summit?
Passing the ALEC “model” legislation – written by corporations -  that will be coming to YOUR state house next year.

And it is a meeting corporations look forward to all year – to make sure pro-business, corporatist legislation is the only thing that is forwarded to the state legislatures.  A meeting that is advertised by ALEC as a cooperative public-private process - but is in reality a ALEC profit sector member - corporate controlled event.

While legislators were present atthe meeting, the corporate lobbyists drove the discussion. "Not a single legislator spoke up" during the nearly 40 minute debate over the proposal, said Jeff Wright, a Florida teacher's union member who paid nearly $1000 to attend the conference so he could observe ALEC in action. "The discussion was not an exchange of ideas between the public sector and private sector, but a debate between the corporate members," Wright said.

"Going into the ALEC meeting," Wright said, "I knew that the corporate members participated. But I did not anticipate how much the corporations really are the ones in charge at ALEC."

What type of legislation will they be passing?
Pro-business legislation that will focus on
Privatization of Public Services by ALEC profit sector members
Acquisition of State Assets by ALEC profit sector members
De-regulation for the ALEC profit sector members
Tort Reform to protect the assets of ALEC profit sector members
De-unionization for the ALEC profit sector members
Diversion of YOUR state tax monies to ALEC profit sector members

And what specifically will ALEC being focusing on at this Task Force Summit?
I would recommend you read the article that is linked below to see what legislation the corporations will be approving at the ALEC meeting in Charlotte.  The information in the article was gleaned from the Section 4 documents of the IRS complaint filed by Common Cause IRS paperwork challenging ALEC’s tax exempt status.

Mark your calendars, people, because ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council is having their spring pow-wow in Charlotte, NC on May 11th, and their agenda is simply brimming with ideas meant to undermine American democracy.

The agenda was revealed by Common Cause, who obtained packets ahead of the conference taking place at the Westin Charlotte (in case any of you in Charlotte would like to show up to voice your opposition), and proving that ALEC is a squid-like demon with their tentacles in every aspect of American life, they have covered all their bases.

Read the whole thing >>>HERE<<< - it’s very important.

May 11th
Charlotte, NC

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