Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ALEC Caught Lying Again

If you are not keeping up with the reports on PRWatch/CMD about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)  – you should.

Education is what ALEC is supposedly all about and if you are going to DEMOLISH ALEC – you too have to be educated.

In the latest excellent report on CMD  they post the following ALEC LIE.

CMD  are professionals – so of course, they don’t call ALEC liars.

I’ll let you judge for yourself – but to me it looks like a lie and reads like a lie and is supported by facts – which to me - makes me think and believe that ALEC LIED AGAIN.

My emphasis in these snips from the report.
Indeed, ALEC has insisted in signed documents filed with the IRS that it provides no scholarships. The organization says it acts like a bank, holding the corporate money raised in a particular state in a "trust" -- a segregated account designated by ALEC -- but does not control the disbursement of the funds. ALEC asserts that it therefore need not report the income or expenses of the funds used for scholarships.

In its 2010 filing with the IRS, the organization attested that the scholarship funds "are not considered revenue and expenses of ALEC." The organization wrote that "ALEC is the recipient of funds from various outside organizations and individuals which are to be used exclusively for scholarships on behalf of State Legislators," but the funds are not considered revenue or expenses because "the State Chair retains the exclusive right to determine the expenditures."

And then the article goes on to say:
ALEC responded by providing a letter it had sent to the ethics board in 2010 seeking an exemption from Wisconsin's ethics and lobbying laws. It told state officials that the scholarships did not count as gifts because the scholarships were provided by ALEC and administered by ALEC, the opposite of what it told the IRS and describes in its public bylaws. CMD filed a followup letter with the Government Accountability Board in April documenting these contradictory claims.

PLEASE read the whole report  >>>>HERE<<<<<

Liar, liar - pants on fire
Nose as long as a telephone wire.

Couldn't help myself -

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