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ALEC - Rotten to the Common Core

This story keeps getting bigger - in a NATIONAL NEWS type of way - which is EXTREMELY RARE for ALEC - before one of their "secretive" meetings.

I'm posting this because you need to know what  members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) are thinking – or being told to think by ALEC.  Interesting point is that this ALEC butt wipe is basically telling (almost seems like bragging) about  one piece of the ALEC "model legislation" that is under "serious consideration" at the meeting this weekend.

With the ALEC States and Nation Summit getting ready to start tomorrow in Charlotte – passing more heinous ALEC “model” legislation - evidently the American Legislative Exchange Council has been handing out “cut and paste” press releases to their members.

Either the members aren’t reading the instructions for the ALEC press releases – or they are just so busy “copying and pasting” ALEC “model legislation” from the ALEC webpage that it doesn’t even dawn on them that they are supposed to expand on the statement given to them by ALEC.

Here it is in it’s entirety from the John Locke webpage:
 Posted on May 9, 2012 at 2:20 pm, by Terry Stoops

The Wall Street Journal describes the growing resistance to implementing Common Core State Standards in math and English Language Arts.  North Carolina adopted the Common Core in 2010.  The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Fordham Institute, and, alarmingly, the U.S. Department of Education back the standards.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is one among many opponents of the Common Core.  According to the article,

Common Core could take another hit Friday when the 23-member board of the American Legislative Exchange Council, a group of more than 2,000 state lawmakers and business members who back limited government and free markets, among other conservative goals, is set to vote on a resolution to formally oppose the standards. The resolution was passed by the ALEC education task force in December. Model legislation often is drafted from the group’s resolutions and taken by ALEC members to their state legislatures.

I am a member of the ALEC Education Task Force and strongly supported the resolution and model legislation, despite objections by Common Core proponents such as the Gates Foundation and the Foundation for Excellence in Education (a group created by former Florida governor Jeb Bush).

Hey Terry – are you bashing old ALEC ally Jeb Bush – the same Jeb Bush that pushed the ALEC “stand your ground” – "shoot first" - “make my day” law for ALEC and the NRA?  Hey Terry, are you bashing the Gates Foundation for dropping their ALEC funding?  Hey Terry, – what really – really is the purpose for this sad excuse for a “statement”?

Terry Stoop - “I am a Member of the ALEC Education Task Force –  and by the way, Director of Education Studies at the John Locke Foundation.  This is such a “sad” piece of writing – truly sad – the worst piece of ALEC related PR I have seen in at least eight months.

This piece will hit the search engines - but it's not going to impress anyone enough to be re-printed anywhere.  A waste of time before Mr Stoops leaves for Charlotte.  Another nonprofit - that doesn't pay taxes - off to to wine and dine with corporate lobbyists from private education companies and write more ALEC pro-corporate privatization of education legislation.  

Another nonprofit - that doesn't pay taxes - off to an ALEC weekend of spending time trying to write "model" legislation that uses OUR taxes to pad the profits of ALEC Corporate profits sector members.

He's basically telling us what is going to happen this weekend - but too damn stupid to realize that the people are smarter now and our "Common Core" will make sure that this legislation doesn't get passed in our state houses.  

ALEC isn't moving in the shadows - anymore - we know about your despicable "model" legislation - and we are geared up to fight the fight.

Good thing ALEC is not relying on Mr. Stoops to save their butts.

This story keeps getting bigger - in a NATIONAL NEWS type of way - which is EXTREMELY RARE for ALEC - before one of their "secretive" meetings.
This must be a top priority for ALEC

Posted also this morning was the following statement.

For these reasons, the Public Sector Board of Directors should uphold the Education Task Force’s approval of the Comprehensive Legislative Package Opposing the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

Jane Robbins is a Senior Fellow with American Principles Project.  Her works includes education policy, student privacy and parental rights issues.   Ms. Robbins is a native of Pendleton, South Carolina, and is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Clemson University.

The story is getting national attention on Think Progress – with more details from a progressive viewpoints – as opposed to ALEC lies.

ALEC To Formally Oppose Common Education Standards, Leaving Struggling Students Behind

A snip:
Though ALEC misleadingly describes the Common Core as a “federal intrusion” into state education, these standards were actually created and voluntarily adopted by a consortium of states to improve our failing and fragmented education system. By opposing the Common Core, ALEC is choosing to promote local control at the expense of preparing students to be college- and career-ready.

Something Big is happening here - relation to Common Core - BETTER WATCH OUT EDUCATION

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