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The ALEC Democratic Party of North Carolina – REALLY?

RALEIGH, N.C. — A Guilford County state senator says he'll run to become the next chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party at a party election this month prompted by sexual harassment allegations that have led two party leaders to step down.

Sen. Don Vaughan told members of the party's State Executive Committee that his commitment to the party goes back more than 30 years.

Sen. Don Vaughan told members of the party's State Executive Committee that his commitment to the party goes back more than 30 years. He says the state party is at a critical place right now.

This may seem like a normal statement to be found across the United States.
A dedicated Democrat stepping up to help lead the party.

North Carolina has to determine who will lead their party before May 15th.

This is a man – who on 43 bills recorded voted conservatively on 22 of those bills.  A Democrat who voted Republican 49% of the time.

Is this the type of person we would want leading any state DEMOCRATIC party– I would think not!

Vaughan is a long time ALEC MEMBER

According to Sourcewatch, a website run by the watchdog Center for Media and Democracy, more than 40 North Carolina legislators are involved with the group, but only three Democrats. Vaughan is the only Democratic [NC] state senator linked to ALEC.

During the past THIRTY years – his moniker should have been
Vaughan (NC-ALEC)


In recent years ALEC has become too partisan. Because of that, I am announcing my resignation from ALEC.

Those who know me know that I have a long record of working on behalf of the Democratic Party. Those of you who don't know me can look to my strong Democratic voting record and Democratic leadership in the Senate. I fought against the Republican cuts to our schools. I voted against the attempt to repeal the Racial Justice Act. I've fought against the Voter ID law. I voted against Amendment One and continue to fight it every day. I fought against Republican efforts to place limitations on a woman's right to choose. I also received the Green Tie award from the NC League of Conservation Voters for being someone who stepped up and spoke out for environmental issues at the General Assembly.

Many years ago, when I joined the American Legislative Exchange Council it was a nonpartisan group which provided a forum for legislators to discuss issues. However, I agree with the many others who have recently left ALEC. In recent years ALEC has become too partisan. Because of that, I am announcing my resignation from ALEC.

I'm proud of my record on the issues. What's most important for us as a party is to come together and win North Carolina in 2012 for Barack Obama, our gubernatorial nominee, and all of the other Democrats in North Carolina. Our Party, the Democratic Party, is a big tent. Right now we need to unite and fight the Republicans and make sure that every Democrat wins in North Carolina on November 6 and the Amendment fails on May 8. Let's keep our eye on the ball and not engage in distracting infighting.

A textile executive in his early thirties, [he is now an attorney] Vaughan falls squarely in the business wing of North Carolina’s Democratic Party. He has been involved with the American Legislative Exchange Council, an organization devoted to limited government and free-market principles, since the 1980s.

This is a Democrat, who for MANY YEARS – 30 years – stood by and watch as ALEC developed “model” legislation that is anti-democratic.  ALEC “model” legislation that destroys representation of, by, and for the people.

This is a Democrat, who sat in ALEC meetings and ALEC parties where they discussed the elimination of the very foundation of the US way of life – voting for all citizens.

This is a Democrat who sat in ALEC meetings and ALEC parties at the finest hotels and resorts where they discussed the privatization of state prisons and the  expansion of the use of prison labor.

This is a Democrat who sat in ALEC meetings and attended ALEC workshops, where people were discussing destruction of public unions and privatization of public sector jobs.

This is a Democrat who sate in ALEC meetings and ALEC parties and accepted corporate representatives (AKA LOBBYIST) as EQUALS – as they wrote, discuss and VOTED on model legislation that was corporatist and denigrated the citizens of the United States.

Tell me - which expensive resort ALEC meeting location did he like the best?
Tell me - which expensive lobbyist sponsored ALEC party did he like the best?
Tell me – what seminars did he find the most intriguing and stimulating at the ALEC meetings?
Tell me – which lobbyists, oh yeh I mean Corporate representatives, did he drink with at the ALEC parties and what promises did he make to them?
Tell me – how many times did he sell out the American people in order to reap the benefits of being an ALEC member?

In the ALEC TRADITION – Don Vaughn voted for:
·        to limit new agency regulatory requirements
·        prohibits state agencies from adopting or enforcing a rule that regulate greenhouse gas emissions
·        to minimize the amount of taxes and burden placed on businesses and individuals
·        cuts back on state agencies' regulatory authority
·        prohibits public higher education institutions from using the accreditation status of a NC secondary school as a factor in determining student admissions, loans, scholarships, or other educational activity.
·        provides an individual income tax credit for children with disabilities who require special education and creates a fund for special education and related services     the conservative position is to allow greater school choice for all children
·        requires local boards of education to implement a high school course that includes the teaching of the Creator-endowed inalienable rights of the people, structure of government, election system, importance of private property rights, due process, and federalism.

In addition you have these snips:

UPDATE: In February 2011, Sen. Vaughan was one of six senate Democrats who voted to pass a "Castle Doctrine" bill, which loosened rules on the use of deadly force against potential robbers and assailants of a person's home. ALEC's leadership in pushing such bills nationally was a key reason that companies have withdrawn their support from ALEC.

In February, Senate President Pro Tempore Marc Basnight (D-Dare) appointed Vaughan to co-chair the Joint Study Committee on Alcoholic Beverage Control, which was mandated to examine local board governance and compensation, and explore the option of privatization

    in December 2010 Sen. Vaughan was one of 18 legislators nationally who attended an Ohio meeting of ALEC's Education Task Force, of which Vaughan is a member.

Terry Stoops of the John Locke Foundation, a think tank largely funded by the family foundation of GOP donor Art Pope, later reported that Vaughan "introduced model legislation" to the ALEC education task force.

North Carolina has to determine who will lead their party before May 15th.

Will they be replacing someone who was accused of sexual harassment with a MANY YEAR ALEC member who is intent on destroying the US democracy?

ALEC wants the Democratic Party in North Carolina
Vaughan said ya vold.

Will the North Carolina Democratic Party?
The ALEC Democratic Party of North Carolina – REALLY?

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