Thursday, May 3, 2012

Prof. Smith Bashes the Free Market

While the 99% is burying ALEC - the right is starting to come out with regular articles or commentaries or editorials trying to either praise (eulogize, maybe) the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) (which is a futile effort) or bastardizing the voice of the 99% - which isn't going to work either!

Remember - they are spouting opinion, with little fact, and a lot of deception 
- we have facts on our side.
Be sure to keep up on all the researched, factual, accurate ALEC news at ALEC Exposed.

The harder the supporters of ALEC  push- the harder we need to push back!!!!
in blogs, in tweets, on Facebook and especially in the comments section of anything that is written in support of ALEC.  Sign every petition against ALEC that you can find.  Sign every petition you can against ALEC legislators you can find.  BOYCOTT every ALEC company (as best that you can).

From the Wall Street Journal this morning.

Just a couple of snips – it’s really not worth reading – but here it is if you are interested –
Welcome to Boycott Nation

The left and right are resorting to a new tactic that harms civil society.
It's becoming hard to know with whom one can do business.

We've been told that if you don't like what Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck says on the radio, you should not only not listen to their shows, you should boycott businesses that advertise on their shows. We are told that if you don't like the activities of the American Legislative Exchange Council—a nonpartisan nonprofit that provides a meeting ground for conservative state legislators to share ideas—you should boycott companies that support the council.

People have a right not to do business with companies or individuals. But blacklists—never a healthy part of political debate—endanger the very commerce that enriches us all.
Additional information about “Mr. Smith”

The Center for CompetitivePolitics (CCP)  was founded in 2005 by Bradley A. Smith,
CCP President Sean Parnell represents CCP on the Public Safety and Elections Task Force of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

In an article posted during the KOCH retreat at Rancho Mirage January 2011, the following was noted:

The protest was “an open assault on rights of association,” said Bradley A. Smith, a professor at Capital University Law School, whose writings on easing campaign finance restrictions have been influential among conservatives.

Another rightie whining for the wealthy and the corporations.

Hey "Mr. Smith" –
This is what ALEC proselytizes as the epitome of what the world should look like.

The whole point of free market capitalism is that consumers determine what is successful in the marketplace.

A 100% FREE MARKET society has not been proven as a workable model ANYWHERE.

The ALEC EXPERIMENT of free markets is a hypothesis
 – that hypothesis that has not been proven and 
 – should not be proven on the backs of the working class of the United States.

BUT – If  right wingers want to promote free markets
– well us lefties will give you the action that epitomizes free markets;
through OUR right to associate.

So – Quit your whining!

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