Thursday, May 10, 2012

Homophobes - You've got more work to do.

Found this quote
It is by nature oriented to procreation, and so defining marriage as a male-female union is not unjust discrimination
Who cares where.

To the Homophobe GOP
Based on this limited thinking the next thing that the GOP will be proposing are  these new amendments:
    Sterile Americans Marriage Ban Amendment
    Post-Menopausal Women Marriage Ban Amendment
    Post Testicular Cancer Marriage Ban Amendment
    Post Hysterectomy Marriage Ban Amendment
Tell me,  you homophobes:
When did YOU first become consciously aware that you did not want to have sex with a person of the same sex.  (You do understand that question - don't you?)

If homosexuality if a choice – At what age did you make the choice?  Do you remember the time and place?  Do you remember your first homophobic episode?

Also,  Homophobes – action item for you:
You better get out there and tell all those straight couples having gay babies to quit procreating.

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  1. THE NC bill was "ONE man-ONE woman." Sounds to me like a DIVORCE/REMARRIAGE BAN is next.