Friday, May 4, 2012

Merttz (IA-ALEC) - A Turncoat? NOT!!!!

The Daily Beast has come out with an article this morning that is going to make the tweets explode all day.

Former Chair Accuses ALEC of Anti-Democrat Bias
While I like the Daily Beast – I don’t trust Dolores Mertz from Iowa.   
She has been the “god-mother” of ALEC.

“The year I was national chairman was kind of a very frustrating year for me. The executive director [then Lori Roman] did not follow what I expected her to do. I didn’t have a lot of support from the board,” said Dolores Mertz, a now-retired Iowa state representative who was the group’s national chairman in 2007. “[Roman] told me that she didn’t like Democrats and she wasn’t going to work with them.”

“I am concerned about the lobbying that’s going on, especially with their 501(c)3 status,” said Mertz, referring to the part of the tax code ALEC falls under, which requires the group to be nonprofit and bars it from spending significant money on lobbying

In addition to being the National Chair of ALEC it is noted later in the article Mertz was the winner of the
2011 ALEC William J. Raggio Excellence in Leadership and Outstanding Service Award

“(for having been a member of ALEC for a minimum of 10 years, having served in a leadership position within ALEC, and having made a "demonstrable contribution to the success of ALEC through advancing Jeffersonian principles, recruitment, fundraising, or other comparable activity") (Source ALEC Exposed)

And my follow-up question woudl have been - "Are you currently a subscriber-level member of ALEC?"  "Do you still belong to ALEC?"

Does she still belong to ALEC?  If she is still a member (and I am guessing she is - a gold plated card holding member of ALEC), you HAVE TO ask yourself - WHY did she say that?

Mertz definitely fulfilled her role - “demonstrable contribution to the success of ALEC”.  Iowa is the best kept ALEC secret in the United States.  In a previous post I called them the “I think I can” ALEC state – because for some reason – the ALEC extremist policies are very welcome in Iowa and for some reason that fact that Iowa is a bastion of ALEC doesn’t seem to make the news.

Mertz was at the helm of ALEC the entire time they were developing the legislation that we are currently trying to fight against.  This is a Democrat who willingly sat by and watched as ALEC plotted its battle plan of destruction - destruction of the US democratic republic and the annihilation of representation of representation of, by, and for the people.  Mertz was right in the middle of it.  Mertz was privy to the ALEC secrets.  Mertz marched to the beat of the ALEC drum and was never out of step.  She was the perfect ALEC soldier.  Mertz was dedicated to ALEC.

As far as I am concerned Dolores Mertz can take whatever little tidbits she told the Daily Beast and shove them up her butt. 

Why would she do this?  That's what I want to know - what was her ALEC AGENDA in doing this interview.  Maybe  the retirement distribution from the extremist right wing nutjobs of America IRA fund  hasn't come in the mail yet. 

Whatever she told the Daily Beast – was done on purpose – because all ALEC members are LIARS and what she told the Daily Beast was done on purpose and had an agenda attached to to – AN ALEC AGENDA. 

I’d be really careful how much weight you give to the words of this particular ALEC liar.
Mertz, an ALEC turncoat – I think NOT!!!
Mertz is/was and always will be an ALEC sheeple.
Mertz was/is and always will be an ALEC puppet.
She is WAY TOO INVESTED in ALEC to turn on them now.

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