Saturday, May 12, 2012

ALEC - Hires PR Firm to Whitewash Their Image

Yesterday it was announced in an article (behind a pay-wall) that the Aemrican Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has hired a firm to whitewash their image.

WASHINGTON: The American Legislative Exchange Council has brought on Edelman to help it deal with recent corporate fallout and opposition to its legislative positions, numerous sources familiar with the relationship told PRWeek.

I went onto Edelman’s Crisis & Issues Managementwebpage and this is what I found:
We're the company that…
  Pioneered the practice of litigation communications representing CBS in the historic Westmoreland v. 60 Minutes case (1983)
  Introduced StarKist Dolphin-Safe Tuna to transform Heinz from an ecological pariah to an environmental leader (1991)
  First used the Internet as a crisis response tool in the Odwalla E. coli outbreak (1996)
  Directed all key stakeholder communications for two of the largest food recalls in the history of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (2002)

All of the items listed above are consumer protection items that ALEC corporate profit sectors hate so much and topics that corporations PAY ALEC LOTS of money for the right of corporations to write legislation at ALEC meetings to protect corporations and not the consumer.

I wonder which one of ALEC's Corporate Profit members is paying for this?
Like much of the ALEC state "model" legislation behind the selling of states assests,  it is rumored that this was a "no bid" contract given to Edleman by ALEC - becausetheycan.

Looks like Edelman is going to try and change ALEC from a “pariah” to a “leader”.
But the question is a leader in what – 21st century fascism?

If Edelman wins this battle one of their bullet points in the future could be
  Destroyed the US democracy replacing it with fascism.

This is one time the citizens of the US can NOT afford to let some PR company whitewash the reputation of an organization.

This isn’t about tuna or e-coli –
this battle is about our democracy and representation of, by, and for the people.


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