Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ALEC Online Education Experiment - FAILS!

Politically speaking - I am really hard pressed to find anything positive that comes out of the state of Texas.

BUT - the folks at Progress Texas have hit it our of the proverbial ballpark with this fact-filled report on the ALEC educational experiment pushing on-line learning forALEC corporate profit sector members.

Invisible Schools, Invisible Success -- which examines the virtual school movement in Texas and its ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF). You can download our report from Scribd here or find it on our website here.

Quick Summary of Major Points: Our Senate Public Education Chair, Florence Shapiro, sits on ALEC's Education Task Force. Her co-chairs of that Education Task Force (as CMD and others discovered) work for the two companies (K12 and Connections Academy) that run virtual schools in Texas that were rated academically unacceptable -- the lowest rating for schools in Texas. In 2011, Sen. Shapiro passed a law in 2011 that makes sure virtual school students are funded at the same rate as public school students, at a time when Texas cut $5.4 billion from public schools. Moreover, TPPF almost exclusively cites groups tied to ALEC in its research - creating the smokescreen that allows such laws to be passed.
I keep saying it over and over again the ALEC is experimenting on the United States and it's our job to STOP ALEC!!!!

ALEC privatization schemes are failures and we need to stop letting ALEC legislators use our tax dollars to increase profit sector revenues.

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