Sunday, May 13, 2012

ALEC - A Pot Calling the Kettle Black

My research every day pretty much takes me where anything ALEC is.
But somehow I missed this article and found it today.

It's a great read - not only making a specific point -  but sharing information for those that are interested in knowing more about the American Legislative Exchange council (ALEC).

A snip to entice you:
Dumb-ALEC remark applies more to ALEC than to its opponents

If there were an annual “pot calling the kettle black” award, the early frontrunner would have to be Kaitlyn Buss, Director of Communications for the American Legislative Exchange Council, known more by its acronym, ALEC.

Her comment came in a National Public Radio (NPR) report on Common Cause filing a complaint to the Internal Revenue Service about ALEC, which claims to be a nonprofit organization but which Common Cause and others say is really a lobbying group.

About the many voices now complaining about ALEC’s habit of mixing non-business issues such as loosening gun control laws and restricting voters, Buss complains that they are “part of a concerted effort of extremist groups that are hell bent on silencing organizations that differ from them ideologically.”

Buss scores a twofer in the “pot calling the kettle black” category, a variety of name-calling which is particularly twisted because not only is the name-caller lying about the victim, she/he is using characteristics that could apply to him/herself, i.e., the name caller. Thus, the liar accuses someone else of lying and the closeted gay rants against gay culture.

But Buss is not only calling ALEC opponents a name that applies to her organization, she also says that these opponents are trying to do something that in fact ALEC has been trying to do: “silencing organizations that differ from them ideologically?”

What else do you call it when you write a law that makes it harder to vote, knowing that it will negatively impact those ideologically opposed to your view much more than it will harm those who favor your view?

Great article posted on April 23rd – worth your 3 minutes to read.

Just in case:
The pot calling the kettle black is not a racist phrase.
Sometimes, black is just the color of something

This phrase is a euphemism from a time when most cookware was made of black iron.
Both the pot and the kettle (two different ypes of cooking utensils) were black iron.
Black is not the issue in the phrase.
The phrase literally means. 'that's you calling me what you are, too.'

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