Friday, May 18, 2012

ALEC's Current Lie - ALEC is Democracy at Work

Found an interesting item on my daily search for all things related to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) - a search - which in this instance -  took too much time to try and follow the sources.

Why - cause it appears the only source was ALEC - but they are trying to make it look like someone else wrote it.
What a bunch of losers.

Unfortunately - this "opinion" piece is getting wide web repeats.
In my opinion because people actually think someone at the IBD wrote it.

An interesting situation this morning
That showed up on the ALEC blog

and is already on the ALEC PRESS RELEASE webpage

BUT it is attributed to IBD  Investors Business Daily
Specifically IBD Editorials

The “opinion” piece” has a “ghost writer” for an author. – Someone without a face and name as the “opinion” writer.
No one wants to take credit for this brilliant piece of “opinion”

The editorial didn’t make the front page of the IBD editorials as a noted editorial
Didn’t make the index of the IBD editorials at the bottom of the page.

The editorial only shows up on ALEC’s webpages with a link to the IBD page.

Probably written by ALEC – and attributing it to IBD to make it look like some other organization supports them and the ludicrous statements in the “opinion” piece – what a bunch of losers.

Here’s  snip (no link – go find it yourself):
So what's got the left so agitated? Is ALEC involved in organized crime? Has it stolen money from state treasuries? Bribed officials? Polluted the environment? Clubbed baby seals?

Nope. The left is targeting ALEC for the simple reason that it's been effective in promoting pro-business, free-market ideas and policies, mainly by drafting model legislation that lawmakers can use as a template in their own legislatures.

Those bills, mind you, still have to make it through their states' representative bodies, and then get signed by their governors.

In other words, it's democracy at work.

Could go on for three pages on the bullshit in this “opinion” piece that was written by an unknown person and only really shows up on the ALEC webpage – cause no one else want to touch the pariah known as ALEC.

My own “opinion” piece:
ALEC has misappropriated taxpayer money from state treasuries with their “favored organization” statutes (introduced by ALEC legislator members) - that have been passed which specifically give ALEC state monies for dues and meetings and specifically exempts ALEC as a lobbyist.

ALEC Corporate profit members pay for scholarships to entice state legislators to fancy resorts locations to be able to sit down discuss, write and vote on  de-regulation legislation with state legislators – that only passes if the corporate profit ALEC members approves the legislation.

ALEC is a fascist based philosophy that destroys the US democratic republic built on representation of, by and for the people and replaces it with representation of, by, and for the corporations.

The free market cannot exist when ALEC corporate profit sector members are writing legislation that affects the way the market runs and thus destroys the free market.

When the free market is used – in this case against ALEC – the activists using the free market - NOT the free market - are considered subversive by ALEC and the ALEC corporate profit sector members.

ALEC legislation that is written and voted on by corporations is then brought back to the states by the very legislators that the ALEC corporations provided scholarships for the legislators to attend the ALECcorporate sector  meeting.  The the ALEC legislative members, take the corporate legislation given to them, back to their states and secretively present the legislation as their own “original” legislation – rather than marking the legislation as  ALEC "copy and paste" corporate legislation – and then the legislation is passed by extremist republicans and extremist republican governors.

NOPE – ALEC is not democracy at work
ALEC is FASCISM at work.
ALEC is corporations running our legislatures.

What a bunch of liars!
Trying to save their butts by writing their own “opinion” pieces – what a bunch of losers.

ALEC is a pariah.
ALEC is destroying the US democratic republic built on representation of, by, and for the people - by sponsoring, promoting and supporting a system where ALEC corporate members are given the opportunity through ALEC provided systems, policies and procedures to  transport state legislators to private resort locations - out of the eye of the general public - to write corporate legislation that the ALEC legislators (sufficiently sun-tanned, wined, dined and played the best golf courses in the US) then bring back to their state.

- not the democracy the US has known, historically.

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