Thursday, May 9, 2013

ALEC E.D. Blathers in Public - SSDD

If you want to read the entire blatherings of the ED of ALEC – you can go

ALEC chief: Group provides lawmakers a chance to share, learn and grow
Published: May 9, 2013
By Ron Scheberle
Ron Scheberle is executive director of ALEC

Basically – he has nothing new to say, SSDD.  He is just doing a PR attempt that is trite and meaningless in today’s society.  He is trying to mislead the public with a stale pointless whitewash attempt of the American Legislative Exchange Council – because-he-thinks-he-can. 

  • Not once does he mention “ALEC”
  • Not once does he use the word bipartisan or nonpartisan
  • Not once does he mention that only 500 people were at that conference.
  • Not once does he mention of that 500 people a good majority of them were corporate lobbyists and “experts” from extremist right-wing stink tanks.
  • Not once does he mention the role of corporations in the ALEC "model legislation" process.
  • Not once does he mention that corporations have a "voice AND a vote" at ALEC meetings.

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