Monday, May 6, 2013

ALEC Chooses to #DumpALEC and then HIDE!

It’s Monday morning - - -
The secretive ALEC pro-corporate, ultraconservative, extremist meeting ended last Friday.

I’ve been following ALEC for a long time now and the meeting that was held this past week in Oklahoma City set new standards for ALEC PR.

The only thing of note is – if the ONE press release about the meeting, is any indication, they have indeed dumped “ALEC”.  Still can’t imagine the damage that decision will make to the “member base”.  They have used the acronym “ALEC" for 39 years – and then ALEC chooses to #DumpALEC.  That must be demoralizing for their “base”.  Funny how activists have spent the last year trying to get ALEC Corporate Profit Sector members to #DumpALEC - and then ALEC steps to the forefront to #DumpALEC.
The other thing:

Normally after one of ALEC secretive meetings, there are plenty of press releases.
  • Press releases from ALEC right-wing stink tank members – lauding the movement of extremist pro-corporate policy at the ALEC meeting
  • Press releases about new appointment of ultra-conservative right-wing legislators to ALEC task forces and special committees.
  • A Press release from ALEC on the success of their secretive meeting.

Normally I have at least three or four articles each of the days following the ALEC meeting.
This time – basically, nada.

This time – only one measly ALEC announcement about some obscure right wing ultra-conservative ALEC legislator being appointed to chair a task force.

ALEC’s new PR policy must be – RUN! HIDE!  (which seems fitting after the reception they got from Oklahoma unions).

Well – that was boring for me this past weekend.

 The pro-corporate, ultraconservative, extremist American Legislative Exchange Council, chooses to #DumpALEC and then HIDE!!!!

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