Monday, May 13, 2013

Fracking - Stealing Energy for Export


And you thought that all the environmental damage caused by fracking was for the US’s energy benefit 
NOPE - energy stolen from the ground in the US to export to foreign countries. 

Fracking -
- this is not about conservation of energy sources for use at a later date,
- this is not about energy independence in the US - 
It is about Corporate Profit and only about Corporate Profit.

We can not entrust our energy needs or our environment to for-profit entities.

For-profit entities are only concerned with one thing – profit at any cost
Get real – It’s just like the XL Pipeline – use and abuse the US environment for shipment to foreing markets.

From Talking Points Memo, this morning

WASHINGTON (AP) — A domestic natural gas boom already has lowered U.S. energy prices while stoking fears of environmental disaster. Now U.S. producers are poised to ship vast quantities of gas overseas as energy companies seek permits for proposed export projects that could set off a renewed frenzy of fracking.

Expanded drilling is unlocking enormous reserves of crude oil and natural gas, offering the potential of moving the country closer to its decades-long quest for energy independence. Yet as the industry looks to profit from foreign markets, there is the specter of higher prices at home and increased manufacturing costs for products from plastics to fertilizers.

Companies such as Exxon Mobil and Sempra Energy are seeking federal permits for more than 20 export projects that could handle as much as 29 billion cubic feet of natural gas a day.
And Sempra and Exxon will get whatever they want:

Sempra Energy (gave $15,000 to ALEC in 2006[136])
ExxonMobil Corporation, Private Enterprise Board member;[1] Member of ALEC's Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force,[63] Civil Justice Task Force,[45] and Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force;[35] "Chairman" level sponsor of 2011 ALEC Annual Conference[17] ($50,000 in 2010);[18] and member of Louisiana Host Committee[12][14]
Corporations buying legislation through their funding of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) so the ALEC Corporate members can have unfettered access to state legislators,federal legislators and US government officials who are members of ALEC.

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