Thursday, May 16, 2013

ALEC - Have Veterans Build the XL Pipeline

Well – ALEC has really pulled one out of their “magic” hat yesterday in the name of right-wing "patriotism".
I suppose you could call it the "magic bullet" to save the XL Pipeline.

Pushing the XL Pipeline in a new and unique way.

Have veterans ruin the environment – then it will be more palatable to Americans.
Put unemployed veterans on the front line of protests – to shore up the construction of the XL Pipeline.
Gonna give them weapons too???????

ALEC Blog Team | May 15, 2013 |
By The Honorable William (Bill) Payne, NM (SD-20)

As our grateful nation observes Armed Forces Day on Saturday, May 18, the American Legislative Exchange Council joins in honoring those who have bravely and admirably served our country..

During a fact-finding mission of ALEC state legislator members to Alberta to learn more about the oil sands, we noticed that the skills sought by oil sands development facilities are common in returning US veterans.

, prompting us to draft and consider a  Resolution on Partnering with Canada to Create Job Opportunities for Returning US Veterans.

or a
remedy to the promises ALEC has made to the XL Pipeline builders?

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