Monday, May 20, 2013

ALEC in Wisconsin - Why not sell the Capitol Building?

Two of the on-going experimental legislative projects that ALEC has pushed for several decades includes
    Privatization of governmental goods and services
    “government cannot provide goods or services as cheaply as the private sector can.”
   Turn Capital Assets into Financial Assets: Sell or Lease Government Assets and Enterprises
    states own over $226 billion in infrastructure assets that could be sold to the private sector.”  
Once it's all in private hands - what do the citizens have left.
The citizens paid for it - they built it
and then ALEC legislative members just turn it over to ALEC Corporate members 
- for pennies on the dollars.
And the people are left - - - - - -with NOTHING to show for their tax dollars spent - NOTHING.
Proposal gives Scott Walker administration more power to sell state property
Tell me Wisconsin - what are you going to do when this is all gone?

State power plants, UW buildings could be sold to help cut debt

Madison - Gov. Scott Walker's administration would gain broad authority to sell state property - including prisons, highways, heating plants and university dormitories - under a plan legislators will take up Tuesday.
Proceeds would be used to chip away at the state's $8 billion debt, but the state entities that formerly owned the properties might not see any benefit from the sales. So, a dorm built with student fees could potentially be sold to pay down the debt for a highway expansion, or vice versa.
Sale of the power plants is not new - Scottie passed that proposal the day he was put into office - good no-bid deal for the Koch brothers.
Isn't UW a land grant college?  Possibly some federal law in place from 1864 that could stop him.
Prisons are an ALEC staple to sell to an ALEC Corporate member.

This is how ALECers take care of the general public and the general commons.
They just sell it to the highest bidder - cause that is what ALEC has told them to do for decades.

They manipulate the markets through ALEC distributed "model legislation" to establish favorable situations for ALEC Corporations.
If only they would have that same type of dedication to their general public constituents -
But  ALECers DON'T

Come on Scottie - sell the Capitol Building - put it on the for sale chopping block
show your moxie - put your cajones out there.
- that's what a really good ALECer would do.
Look at the good ALECer work Jan Brewer did - she followed the ALEC bible commandments  to it's fullest.
Are you going to BUY IT BACK like Arizona did - after they sold their buildings - making huge profits for the corporations who they sold the buildings to?

My emphasis
Brewer said in her State of the State Monday afternoon that she would like to sign a bill to buy back the state capitol complex in Phoenix by the 100th anniversary of Arizona becoming a state -- February 14. Brewer proposed the controversial plan to sell and lease back the state's top government office buildings during a fiscal crisis in late 2009.

The sale of the complex, which netted the state $1 billion, included the buildings that house the offices of Brewer and other top state executives, the legislature and the state Supreme Court. The state's original Capitol building, now a museum, was not included in the sale. At the time of the sale, Arizona was looking at a $3.9 billion deficit.

Under the terms of the sale, Arizona leases backed and retains control of the buildings. The state sold certificates of participation to investors in a series of sales in January and June of 2010. As part of the purchase, investors gained annual payments from the state government, which gained additional debt. The names of the investors were not disclosed, a move that rankled Democratic leaders in the legislature.
Probably all ALEC members.

Sell 'em
Pay rent on them
then buy 'em back

Helluva plan
Worked like shit for Arizona.

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