Wednesday, May 8, 2013

IOWA ACTION: Petition for ALEC Transparency

I am assuming it is meant for Iowans  - but it does not say only Iowans can sign the petition on the webpage.
PLEASE consider signing this.

Sign it

Part of the petition from Progress Iowa:
Please release the following information to the public:
1. Any "35-Day Mailing" from the American Legislative Exchange Council that you have received
2. The roster of ALEC members in Iowa
3. The roster of your Task Force's Membership
4. Financial records detailing payments from the State of Iowa to the American Legislative Council for the payment of membership dues, and any other payments

For those of you who are unaware - ALEC has ramped up the secrecy of their organization - with the inclusion of the following disclaimer on all of their materials from their latest meeting.

© 2013 American Legislative Exchange Council. This document is the property of American Legislative Exchange Council (''ALEC"), and may not be copied or distributed without the express written permission of ALEC. Because this is an internal ALEC document ALEC believes it is not subject to disclosure under any state Freedom of Information or Public Records Act. Should you want to make copies, or if you receive a request for disclosure of this or any other ALEC document under your State's Freedom of lnformation  or Public Records Act, please contact Michael J Bowman, Senior Director, Policy and Strategic lnitiatives, ALEC.(202) _________________________
The American Legislative Exchange Council "believes' they have a right to secrecy - being that they directly and with malicious intent influence government - citizens would disagree.

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