Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why Are They Trying to Kill Us?

For weeks now I have been asking myself - why are they trying to kill us?
The corporations  - GMO's, pharmaceuticals, food processors, fossil fuel
The politicians - cuts, cuts, cuts - not only in programs, slashing regulatory agencies
Why are they trying to kill us?

What have we done - that makes those in power consider us dispensable?

I intentionally did not write anything on it - cause I don't have an answer - and I questioned if I actually had a viable question.  And I couldn't figure out a way to come at this without having to put on a tin-foil hat.  But it works out that my thoughts aren't confined under a tin-foil hat.

This week a new book and a NYTimes op-ed came out that basically confirms that they are trying to kill us.

Snip from the NYTimes op-ed

Op-Ed Contributors

One need not be an economic ideologue — we certainly aren’t — to recognize that the price of austerity can be calculated in human lives. We are not exonerating poor policy decisions of the past or calling for universal debt forgiveness. It’s up to policy makers in America and Europe to figure out the right mix of fiscal and monetary policy. What we have found is that austerity — severe, immediate, indiscriminate cuts to social and health spending — is not only self-defeating, but fatal.

The end game is that short-term decisions, have long-term consequences.

And if you are interested in more detail – read their book – which is based on fact/data they gathered – no tin-foil hats.

David Stuckler (Author), Sanjay Basu (Author)

or for a shorter read try this one from Alternet

Of course, in a free society we’ll always be debating the role of government and its agencies. What are the limits, when is government oversight necessary and when is it best deterred? But it’s not only government that can go too far. As long as there are insufficient checks and balances on big business and its powerful lobbies, we are at their mercy. Their ability to buy off public officials is an assault on democracy and a threat to our lives and health. When an entire political system persists in producing such gross injustice, it is making inevitable wholesale defiance.
I still can't figure out how killing us - creates an acceptable outcome - maybe no one can, except them.


A day later  from an article at Common Dreams

A time-honored tactic of conservative lawmakers is to “starve the beast” by defunding government programs. In the case of food stamps—the quintessential whipping boy for budget hawks—they’re going a step further by trying to starve actual people.



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