Saturday, May 11, 2013

South Dakota ALEC Issue - Still Brewing

South Dakota has been in the forefront of ALEC news for the past two weeks - as the SD legislature made plans to pay ALEC membership dues for ALL legislators, forcing Dem legislators to become ALEC members and fund the extremist right-wing policies of American Legislative Exchange Council..

But South Dakotans have not stopped there.
South Dakotans are keeping ALEC out there in the forefront - good for them.
They are keeping the battle going in the press and social media for over two weeks and I applaud them!!!

And they are keeping up on the new, dastardly ALEC going-ons, over and above the forced ALEC membership issue.

For example:
This "new" ALEC disclaimer - highlighted in an article from PRWatch - was on all ALEC materials at their recent meeting in OKC (I've redacted to remove one particular phrase twice - their full name.  Why - because ALEC thinks they dumped the name "ALEC".  nope!)

© 2013  This document is the property of (''ALEC"), and may not be copied or distributed without the express written permission of ALEC. Because this is an internal ALEC document ALEC believes it is not subject to disclosure under any state Freedom of Information or Public Records Act. Should you want to make copies, or if you receive a request for disclosure of this or any other ALEC document under your State's Freedom of lnformation  or Public Records Act, please contact Michael J Bowman, Senior Director, Policy and Strategic lnitiatives, ALEC.(202) _________________________

ALEC has basically put a gag-order on all their members at the last ALEC meeting with that disclaimer.
YOUR legislator being told what they can and can not do - NOT by YOU - by ALEC.

YOUR ALEC legislator now "believes" they are above public scrutiny when it comes to their secretive dealings with ALEC.

ALEC legislators may believe that their dealings with ALEC are secret - but their constituents do not - as noted in the following tweets out of South Dakota.

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