Saturday, May 18, 2013

Oil Companies Prove they are Stupid - No Business Acumen

Gas prices in Minneapolis were
$3.42 a gallon

Today Minnesota gas prices are the highest in the United States
$4.39 a gallon

Gas went up
97 cents a gallon
in one month 

Earlier this week Sen. Amy Klobuchar called on the Department of Energy to take action.

“This spike in gas prices is hurting families, businesses and farmers across Minnesota and disrupting commerce,” Klobuchar had said. “Scheduled maintenance at refineries should not be allowed to cause such major disruptions in supply.

That was a nice gesture.
Absolute waste of time - the oil companies don't give a dman about the customer.

Why the high prices?
Because of normal maintenance at refineries.
Normal maintenance that has caused a gas shortage.

That's what they have paid the media to tell the public.
And they are claiming it will be this way for the next two months - at least.
But that's NOT the real answer.

We know the truth.
We know the REAL answer.
Oil companies are only out to make obscene profits on the backs of citizens
In addition to making obscene amounts of money
We know the REAL answer. 
Oil companies  have proven no business acumen.
They don’t know how to do normal maintenance and still maintain a proper supply of their product to the customer.

These are the people that the US is willing to put in charge of Keystone.
Stupid people who can’t anticipate the future?
We know the REAL answer. 

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