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How Cozy is Mark Sanford (SC) with ALEC?

Found this - this morning.

I don't believe in coincidences when it comes to ALEC.


Mark Sanford
A published author in ALEC's Inside ALEC magazine that is distributed to every ALEC member.

Better look further

And he has openly used ALEC policies.
The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC)
| October 26, 2004 | Copyright

Gov. Mark Sanford is once more pushing to cut South Carolina's personal income tax as part of a strategy that supporters say will boost the state economy but which critics believe will leave the state financially vulnerable.
Like last year, the governor sees cutting taxes as a way to attract industry,
The ALEC member motto – "We’re Open for Business"

The other three legs of the five-point plan include tort reform, broadening school choice and restructuring state government.

The Sanford plan is also premised on two conservative studies, one by the anti-tax, libertarian-leaning Beacon Hill group and the other by a business-backed lobbying group, the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Yep - ALEC

And ALEC evidently likes him
He’s quoted in the 2009 Rich States, Poor States

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford noted: “California increased spending 95 percent over the past 10 years (federal spending went up 71 percent over the same period). To bail out California now seems unfair to fiscally prudent states.”23 Gov. Sanford’s point is quite germane.

He’s quoted again in the 2010 Rich States, Poor States

“There’s no way politically we’re going to be able to push people out of the program in two years when the federal money runs out,” Gov. Mark Sanford said.8 In an attempt to avoid this problem Gov. Sanford pushed to use a $700 million portion of stimulus dollars to pay down some of the state’s education debt, a move that would have saved the state $125 million in interest payments over 13 years.
His private prison policies were highlighted in Inside ALEC February 2011

South Carolina exemplifies a state taking a conservative approach to prioritizing correctional resources. In 2010, South Carolina policymakers faced a prison budget that had risen six-fold in 25 years.4 Over the next five years, the state’s prison population was projected to grow by another 3,200, costing $141 million.5 To address this, the legislature enacted reforms supported by more than 90 percent of its members and signed by Governor Mark Sanford that prioritized expensive prison beds for violent criminals and sex offenders.6

Does Mark Sanford share & endorse the extremist values of the American Legislative Exchange Council?
The public wants to know!!!!

And it isn’t exactly moderates endorses Sanford

Though he lost the backing of the National Republican Congressional Committee, former Gov. Mark Sanford picked up an endorsement from Tea Party Express on Saturday.

The nation’s largest tea party political action committee urged conservative voters to support Sanford in the special election for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District on Tuesday.
Rand Paul endorses Sanford
Larry Flynt Endorses Mark Sanford  (Hustler Magazine)

And this
Tim Scott endorses Mark Sanford

Gingrich endorses Sanford f

Boehner endorses Sanford

Nikki Haley to appear at Mark Sanford fundraiser

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