Friday, May 31, 2013

Fires of Siberia - "Bachmann" Bodice Ripper Romance

Your MUST READ summer book.

I didn't want any of you to miss the release of a new book - inspired by THE Michele Bachmann.
Set to release on June 1.
"Tréy Sager’s ‘Fires of Siberia’ is a flaming ode to erotic lyricism. Protagonist Danielle Powers, a sexy sociopath and politician on the make, wants to be made and made again. She’s Sarah Palin, Machiavelli, and a philosopher no one has ever heard of. ‘Fires’ is so bizarre and witty, real yet unbelievable, and compelling, it hurts. Read it on the beach." — Lynne Tillman, author of ‘American Genius, A Novel,’ and the essay collection ‘WHAT WOULD LYNNE TILLMAN DO?’ with an introduction by Colm Tóibín.

'Fires of Siberia' is an old-fashioned bodice ripper romance inspired by the life of Tea Party leader and Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Presidential candidate Danielle Powers, full of firebrand pluck and red state sex appeal, has the country in a tizzy. But on an international tour to beef up her foreign policy experience, disaster ensues—her plane explodes over Siberia. Miraculously, Danielle survives, along with one other passenger—a mysterious stranger named Steadman Bass. Trapped in a wilderness of snow and ice, the two begin a journey that pushes Danielle to the brink. There she must confront her deepest self and choose between civilization and a wild, primitive ecstasy. All the while, Steadman harbors a terrible secret that threatens to destroy them both

And there is a 2 1/2 minute  interview with the author on Huffington Post
that includes the following statements about Bachmann - his muse:

"She has such publicly acknowledged sex appeal, and she's this very enigmatic figure, I thought, what better place to explore these intense feelings that the culture has about her than in a romance novel?" Sanger also discussed how the book wasn't just about Michele -- her real-life husband Marcus was also an inspiration.

"As a culture, we are really interested in Marcus Bachmann and Michele Bachmann's sex life -- what's happening in their bedroom? Whole tropes exist on the internet about his sexuality."

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