Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Will MO Send an ALECer to Congress Next Tuesday?

There's a special election in Missouri next Tuesday.
Special elections always mean low turnout - it would be nice if the turnout included only ANTI-ALEC voters.

Jason Smith is a dedicated member of the extremist highly partisan American Legislative Exchange Council.

Former Rep. Jason Smith (R-150), State Chairman[12] and Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force member [16]

The art of self-dealing? Mr. Smith has that down pat. He led the charge to overturn the will of the Missouri people after they voted in 2010 to protect animals by implementing humane regulations on puppy mills. Mr. Smith and his family owned a puppy mill at the time. And not just any puppy mill. It had been identified by the Humane Society as one of a “dirty dozen” facilities that regularly failed state and federal inspections.

Oh – one of the ag-gag supporters, I presume?
Sen Smith to Congress and he can join the other 96 ALECers in Congress and probably put together FEDERAL legislation limiting our 1st amendment rights - with a FEDERAL ag-gag bill.

Glad-handing with lobbyists? According to Missouri Ethics Commission reports, Mr. Smith has become good friends with the corporate lobbyists who run the Washington, D.C.-based American Legislative Exchange Council. The folks at ALEC have flown Mr. Smith to conferences in Atlanta, New Orleans, Los Angeles and, of course, Washington, D.C., just to name a few.

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