Thursday, May 9, 2013

MN Teamsters 120 - Was in OKC for the anti-ALEC Rally

Found this - this morning
and it made my heart proud.

On May 2 - a HUGE union presence was  at the ALEC meeting in OKC made the news across the nation telling America
ALEC is NOT OK for Oklahoma - ALEC is NOT OK for America
I watched the rally on livestream - not knowing that Minnesota was there in OKC.

From the Oklahoma Teamsters webpage

Teamsters Local Union No. 174

Posted: May 3, 2013
Source: Teamster Nation
Oklahoma may be America’s reddest state, but that doesn’t mean its residents want to hand the keys of the legislature over to ALEC. That’s why yesterday, Teamsters, other labor unions and concerned working families turned out to rally and march against the far-right group that seeks to slash public services and has waged war against low-wage workers and unions.

The weather may have been cold and windy, but spirits were high as our Teamster brothers and sisters in the Sooner State, most of them from Local 886 in Oklahoma City, showed up to tell ALEC they weren’t welcome in Oklahoma.

In a  post about ALEC in Oklahoma, the AFL-CIO writes, “Lawmakers push ALEC-designed and written legislation that would, among other things, dilute collective bargaining rights, make it harder for some people to vote, limit corporate liability for harm caused to consumers, privatize and profitize government services.”

Teamster trucks also made an appearance, showing that the Teamsters mean business when it comes to ALEC. Joint Council 56 from Kansas City and Local 120 from Blaine, Minn., sent trucks, manpower and supplies to the rally and march, which continues today.

Bravo! to Local 120 - Blaine, Mn
(Let's hope we can get them mobilized for the Chicago anti-ALEC rally.)

Have you talked with your union about ALEC?
Have you talked about your union helping with the Chicago rallies?  

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