Monday, May 13, 2013

Deception the Bedrock of Republican Policy.

The ultra-conservative American Legislative Exchange Council and their henchmen - try to fool the public with the idea of ALEC being bipartisan.  That's a crock and the article below is an example of the the extremist far-right manipulation, not only the public, but policy - through deception. 

Deception the bedrock of conservative Republican policy.
SNIPS - my emphasis

COLUMBUS, Ohio — COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - An Ohio Statehouse witness on tax and economic issues who's relied upon for his objectivity draws a hefty stipend from a conservative trust fund, an Associated Press review has found.

Retired Ohio University economics professor Richard Vedder has been paid a $150,000 annual consulting fee through the Alexandria, Va.-based Donors Trust, which supports free-market nonprofits focused on shrinking the role of government.

Business and payroll records reviewed by the AP suggest Vedder draws only a fraction of his income from the university with which he's most commonly associated as he offers economic assessments on bills including the Ohio budget. Vedder hasn't been on the university's regular payroll since 2001.

He was a star witness on tax code changes proposed by Republican Gov. John Kasich, and his research was cited again by backers of right-to-work legislation introduced last week.
Kasich – ALEC Alum
Vedder – ALEC Scholar
Right-to-work-for-less - An important ALEC pro-corporate initiative

The Donors Trust is something EVERY American should become familiar with, keep track of and be very, very afraid of.

The American Legislative Exchange Council - manipulating the free-market in favor of ALEC corporate funders, through ALEC distributed legislation and policies introduced in YOUR state by ALEC legislative members.

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