Monday, May 6, 2013

Fletcher (CA - DEM, Again) ALEC Snake in the Grass

ALEC’s 37th Annual Meeting -2010
“I am honored to be a member of ALEC; it’s a wonderful organization that helps us draw on your ideas and strengths, on successes in other states and it’s also a great gathering of collaborative thinking.”
        Nathan Fletcher, State Assemblyman, CA 75th District
Member of ALEC Health and Human Services Task Force

In an interview with CityBeat, however, Fletcher claimed no affiliation with the conservative group. He said, "I was never a member of ALEC."

May 4, 2013

Former Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, who was considered one of the Republican Party's likeliest future contenders for statewide office before abandoning the party to become an independent last year, announced today that he has become a Democrat.

Fletcher, 36, abandoned the Republican Party in his failed campaign for San Diego mayor. It is unclear what ambition he may have within the Democratic Party.

"I couldn't," Fletcher wrote. "It was clear - at least to me - that I was a Democrat."
"It was clear - at least to me - that I was a Democrat."
WAS at some time in a previous life, maybe

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