Wednesday, May 22, 2013

RepubliCONS are FAR TOO NICE!!!

Oh my god!
These folks are definitely smoking something!

Evidently - they are not aware of the obstruction happening inCongress.
Evidently - they haven't been watching the news lately - what was that about again
   - Republicans lying????  again and again and again
And wasn't there another vote to repeal Obamacares - oh yeh, for the 37th time.
Here's a piece from the Tea Party

When it comes to politics, the left plays hardball.  They go for the throat every time.

Conservatives are far too nice.  We want to get along and go along.  We believe in the free market of ideas and we believe in honest debate.  While there are a few liberals who agree with that idea, most are willing to do what ever they need to in order to ensure that their political ideology triumphs.
When there is a Republicans scandal, the left has one simple goal.  They want to destroy the Republicans.  When the left is on the attack there is no quarter offered.  The left has attacked targets ranging from Rush Limbaugh to the group ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Get along - yeh, right -
The party of get along and honest debate - yeh, right -

Get along little doggies - get along.

It would be funny - if it wasn't so damn delusional.

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