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May 9, 2013

The single biggest threat to our Democracy is the American Legislative Exchange Council.  A group of so called liberty nuts are gung-ho to exchange the tyranny of the people to the tyranny of the corporations.  The massive shift away from our workers rights to the rights of the employers is insidious, branding major companies that have little regard for safety or quality of life for their workers as job creators, ignoring one simple fact… We are the job creators.

The single biggest threat to the corporate take-over of American politics and human rights are the organizations where people have banded together to collectively bargain for their rights.  Therefore, it is no surprise that the people who have managed to amass trillions of our dollars are fighting hard to ensure that they can even have more of our dollars.  They don’t work for them, we do, but they reap the profits.


The short term profit goals of our society ensure that anything that would actually be good for our society for a long time are under constant attack.  Social Security, Medicare, and food stamps all lessen the reliance on corporations, and therefore are under attack… a scared worker who is terrified of starving is much more willing to work harder for less wages and benefits.

In Conclusion
Know what we are up against.  Spread the word.  An informed worker is a powerful worker.  A powerful worker joined up with other powerful workers can topple the petty regimes of corporate dictators.

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