Monday, May 13, 2013

IRS/ Tea Party Crap is Republican Drama.

The IRS/ Tea Party crap is just more Republican drama.

Two years ago I reseach the Tea party at great length and did four entries on them – because the information that I was finding in the press about the Tea Party was contradictory on a daily basis .

What I found was three feuding factions that all claimed to be “THE Tea Party” 
– the gist of my four entries was – “Will the Real Tea Party Please Stand Up”.

From the fourth entry I noted:
    BTW:  Are you the REAL Tea Party?
    Or is one of these the REAL Tea Party?
        The Tea Party Express
        The Tea Party Coalition
        The Tea Party Nation

BTW:  Are you the REAL Tea Party?
Are YOU the REAL Tea Party?
Why did I ask that question?

Because in my week long research project of the Tea Party and their 501c4 statuses – I found numerous 501c4 tea party affiliates across the United States – run out of people’s basements.
People – anyone, literally anyone – was registering as a Tea Party 501c4
    The Tea party of Western Ogema county
    The Tea Party of west surburban Paris
    The tea party of ho-bunk west texas
All with 501c4 status
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of 501c4 tea party groups across the United States.

Should the IRS have been focusing on those people – absolutely.

If the Dems/Progressives had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds 501c4’s running out of people’s basements – the Republicans would be having a bigger shit fest than they are now about the IRS focusing on the Tea Party.

I have been seeing television interviews with those supposed Tea Party organizations that were supposedly harassed by the the IRS.  Not seeing any "business people" in those interviews, looks more and more like mom and pop shops run out their basements -  - in fact NOT one interview has asked the Tea Partier to describe the nature and location of their Tea Party "business".   I saw an interview with the "founders" of the Tea Party of Waco and believe me, I was not impressed.  I'm glad the IRS made them prove who they were, through tons of paperwork - maybe they will be more vigilant about how they spend the $$'s coming into their 501c4 Tea Party.

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