Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Bad Part of Bachmann's Bye-Bye

When Bachmann was in the race - everyone in the sixth district knew she was a nut job and crazy - even the ones who voted for her.  In the last election moderates pretty much kicked her to the curb.  In the last election her main campaign slogan was "I'm Back" - after spending over a year running for president.

With Bachmann not running - we will not be able to tell if Jim Graces opponent is a nut job.

It would have been easier - no problem - to win the 6th against Bachmann.

Now we don't know who we will be up against - or how crazy they are.
It could be ALEC-er Tom Emmer and he's one seriously angry and crazy right-wing nut job.

Names being thrown around on the nightly news include
Emmer - ALEC
Dean - ALEC
Kiffmeyer - ALEC  (She's a Michele wannabe)

That tells you a lot about this district - bunch of exremist right-wingers.

And there is this
The 6th congressional district is the strongest Republican home in Minnesota. The partisan voting index gives it a 10 point advantage to the GOP.

So this could be a challenge now for Jim Graves - cause he's no longer running against the crazy nut job Bachmann.

Let's turn this district blue.


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