Monday, May 13, 2013

Fraser (TX-ALEC) Knows How to Spend Other People's Money

Think twice before you donate to this guys campaign

In the last three years, Troy Fraser, chairperson of the Senate Natural Resources Committee, spent more than $300,000 from his campaign account maintaining his personal airplane, at least $33,000 on country club fees and dues, and more than $4,000 on suits, on top of thousands of dollars on upscale hotels for conferences and events everywhere from Hawaii to Buenos Aires, according to his campaign finance reports.
Between 2008 and 2010, Fraser claimed more travel per diems – 361, valued at more than $58,000 – than any other member of the Senate. And in the last several years, taxpayers paid for him to attend at least nine policy conferences in destinations like Puerto Rico. In some instances, Fraser flew his own plane, receiving mileage reimbursements at up to triple the price of a commercial ticket. Fraser said all his campaign expenses and Senate reimbursements are related to his role as a legislator and, in particular, his expanded duties as the chairperson of a major committee.

That's what happens when you're use to someone else picking up the bill for you - like corporations paying all the expenses for ALEc legislators to attend meetings of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

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