Monday, May 6, 2013

Tillis (NC-ALEC) : "A Moderate" Give Me a Break!

Did ALEC suggest ALEC state legislators who attended the  Oklahoma City spring meeting - that they try to act like moderates - that they claim more moderate stances.

Would make sense to me that they would - considering that the word extremist is appearing in the press more and more in relation to ALEC and ALEC legislators.
But - we'll never know, cause ALEC meetings are held in the strictest secrecy.

Hypothetically, why would ALEC tell their members to lie to the public?
Because ALEC wants more of their members in Congress
   (and Tillis is running for Congress in 2014)
It's harder to get elected if you are associated with of an extremist organization.
Because ALEC are getting afraid of the left gaining even more power?
You have to admit we are making progress and ALEC is  going down the toilet faster than anyone would have expected?  (15% of legislative members attend spring meeting - wow)

is it just another
Bait and Switch Game - CON JOB  - a favorite of ALEC.
Make the public believe you're more moderate - for awhile anyway.
Mislead the public - because the public is too damn dumb to figure out you are leading them down the primrose path.

Tillis comes back from the ALEC meeting and all the sudden he's a moderate
Give me a break!
Submitted by John_Frank on 2013-05-06 13:32

House Speaker Thom Tillis issued a warning last weekend to his fellow Repubicans about overreaching with their supermajority power.

"I was the GOP minority whip in 2009," he began in a Facebook post. "My job was to get conservative Democrats to help us defeat liberal legislation. The Democratic leaders, heavily influenced by their most liberal members and far-left groups, could not resist the pressure to move too far to fast. They did not compromise and they went too far.

"They got out of step with the citizens of NC and they lost their majority as a result. It was their lack of discipline that laid the groundwork for Republicans to have House/Senate super majorities, a GOP governor, and (lieutenant) governor," he concluded. "Our lack of discipline will lay the groundwork for their ascendency and if they succeed we will only have ourselves to blame."

What generated the post is unclear. A Tillis spokesman declined to elaborate and answer specific questions. "Speaker Tillis was simply recapping what occurred under Democratic leadership before Republicans won a majority in 2010, and pointing out that the Republican majority should learn from the mistakes of Democratic leadership of the past," spokesman Jordan Shaw said Monday.
We got the power!!
Bear with me jesus - don't let me lose it now.

Did the American Legislative Exchange Council officials suggest that ALEC legislators intentionally mislead the public into thinking they were more moderate than they really are?

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