Monday, May 20, 2013

MUST READ - Before the Chicago ALEC Protests

This morning - PRWatch dropped an article that should put all Chicago ALEC protestors on alert.

The PRWatch article is an executive summary of a full report that can be found
>>>>Full Report if HERE<<<<<

It is a tale of intrigue - based on fact.

Infiltration of protest planning groups
Reports back to the PD about the protest planning meetings
Involvement of Homeland Security
ALEC corporate member security departments working with the police
The use of facial recognition technology
Off-duty cops being hired as ALEC security
Distribution of "Most Wanted" face sheets

It's about protestors being surveilled by terrorism task forces at the federal, state and city levels.
And, as most -- if not all -- of the activists pictured on the ALEC "face sheet" had either known, been Facebook friends with, or been at ALEC protest planning meetings attended by, the "creepy guy" calling himself "Saul DeLara," it is clear that intelligence provided to Dowhan in the creation of this "face sheet" likely had its origins, at least in part, with the PPDMOB undercover detective who had infiltrated the Phoenix activist community.

The power of ALEC should never be under-estimated.
The "loose" definition that ALEC has of "terrorists" and terrorism"  should never be under-estimated.  ALEC is  a bunch of whiny babies that cry wolf at the drop of the hat - but their voice is heard - when more reasoned voices are ignored.

It's a long read
It's a complicated read.

It's a warning!!!

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