Sunday, May 19, 2013

Minnesota RepubliCONS - Vindictive Bullies

We had a pretty amazing and historic week here in Minnesota.
A week ago Friday – the house passed the marriage equality bill.
On Monday the Senate passed the marriage equality bill.
On Tuesday at 5pm – the governor signed the marriage equality bill.

And the mainstream media was there every minute of the way – making sure that the anti-marriage equality people got there two cents of hate on the TV screen.  

But – the mainstream media was not there for the story I am about to tell –
Why – cause the mainstream media in Minneapolis doesn’t report anything that might upset the RepubliCONS in the Metro area.

If you do a web search of Pratt and 38.3 you will find nothing from the mainstream media

Why is this important?
Well if you go to the liberal alternative sites – here’s the importance.

What is 38.3?
38.3 When the Senate has been placed under call, a member may demand that the doors be closed and that no member be permitted to leave the Chamber until the matter or question, if any, under consideration at the time of the call is disposed of, or until the call is lifted by a majority of the whole Senate, or until the Senate adjourns. 
a member may demand that the doors be closed and that no member be permitted to leave

Why is it important?
Because - - - - - - -
While Governor Mark Dayton was signing the historic marriage equality bill – a RepubliCON senator invoked 38.3.

From 950 am talk show host Matt McNeil  - liberal talk radio
MN State Senator Eric Pratt ALSO makes an ass out of himself by blocking his fellow senators from attending the gay marriage signing ceremony. 
Yep – you got that right.
Pratt invoked 38.3 to keep the Senate locked in chambers - - - so they could not be part of the amazing and historic moment taking place on the Capitol steps – the signing of the marriage equality bill by Governor Mark Dayton.

Republicans prevent DFL Senators from attending marriage equality signing ceremony
by The Big E on May 16, 2013

There is a reason you didn’t see any Minnesota State Senators at the marriage equality signing ceremony on the State Capitol steps. It is because the Republican Senators behaved like absolute jerks.

Republicans filed a arcane motion requiring Sargeant-At-Arms to bar the doors and prevent any Senators from leaving.

The sole purpose of these procedural votes was to make sure that the DFLers couldn’t join their friends, families and constituents on the Capitol steps and celebrate our momentous victory.
And that is what the Minneapolis mainstream media did not report.
And that is RepubliCONS are all about.

And across the nation – they get away with this behavior, over and over again - with NO consequences at all – cause the mainstream media protects the RepubliCONS..

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