Thursday, May 23, 2013

Eating "Greek" Yogurt - STOP!

For every three or four ounces of milk, Chobani and other companies can produce only one ounce of creamy Greek yogurt. The rest becomes acid whey. It’s a thin, runny waste product that can’t simply be dumped. Not only would that be illegal, but whey decomposition is toxic to the natural environment, robbing oxygen from streams and rivers. That could turn a waterway into what one expert calls a “dead sea,” destroying aquatic life over potentially large areas. Spills of cheese whey, a cousin of Greek yogurt whey, have killed tens of thousands of fish around the country in recent years.

That's nasty info
Stop eating that crap.
We can't trst corporations that they will do the right thing.
Why would you eat something that can be so dangerous to the environment?

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