Friday, May 31, 2013

Jim Graves Dumps the 6th CD

Jim Graves announced today that he was pulling out of the race.

Bachmann's gone - his mission was accomplished.

Well - f#ck him and one trick pony he rode in on.
Good thing he dropped out - cause evidently the constituents of the 6th district aren't his concern - besting Bachmann was his concern.
He wqas only running to get rid of Bachmann - eh?????   Was that his campaign slogan in the last election????  Hell no - cause if it was I sure as hell would NOT have voted for an egomaniac like that.  Ture colors came out on this one - self centered egomaniac.

And if he gives some type of speech about being 8 percent points behind to even start the race - that is a horseshit reason.

Why ?

Cause you never know what will happen.

And when you have five of the possible candidates
All being ALEC members
There's enough ALEC dirt to go around that could desrtoy any one of them in an election.

FIVE CD6 candidates are members of the extremist, pro-corporate American Legislative Exchange Council - now tell me that's not a campaign issue to be grabbed and thrown about.

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