Friday, May 3, 2013

VIDEO of Anti-ALEC Union Protest Rally in OKC

The American Legislastive Exchange Council got an earful yesterday in OKC.  "ALEC is not OK for Oklahoma - ALEC is not OK for America" - one of many excellent quotes in this video.

Watch it and get ready to smile - - - - - - - - really big
It's and hour and a half - here are my most favorite snips.

    The speech at minute 18 is amazing - - -
    The speech at minute 55 is amazing - - -

    Minutes 49 - 52 are PRICELESS!!!!! -
    Makes the Communications Director
    from American for Prosperity looks like a fool
    - probably had to change his drawers after this.

    Watch starting at 1:00 through 1:10 - it will take your breath away!!!

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