Saturday, June 8, 2013

ACTION ITEM: Bernie Sanders Poll On Surveillance

The only senator that is representing the people – Bernie Sanders – has a poll on his webpage that you might want to participate in – why? cause he will actually do something with the results.

Here are the four questions on the poll:

Do you favor or oppose the National Security Agency's program to monitor online communications in order to protect the nation from terrorist threats?

Is it appropriate for the federal government to collect millions of phone records from American citizens, if doing so could potentially disrupt a terror plot?

Do you think the president should or should not have the power to authorize the National Security Agency to monitor the electronic communications of American citizens without getting warrants?

Do you favor or oppose changing the PATRIOT Act, which allows the government to collect the phone records of American citizens without a warrant?

Giver Bernie your simple radio click answers

I gave you the questions – will only take you ONE MINUTE to do the poll.

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