Friday, June 7, 2013

George (MD-ALEC) Wants to Be Governor

Note this first:
Del. Ron A. George (R-30)[3]; Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force[9]

By Ron George

Annapolis Republican Outlines Plan to Build a New Maryland

Delegate Ron George, (R-Annapolis) announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Governor on Wednesday June 5th in Annapolis to an enthusiastic, standing room only audience of supporters.

George outlined his vision for Building a New Maryland in his speech to the several hundred supporters on Wednesday night.  George’s speech focused on creating and expanding small business, growing the private sector and reducing business taxes.

Will Maryland be the next Wisconsin - the next Arizaon - the next Oklahoma.
States controlled by ALEC.

Maryland - Look what happened to Wisconsin when they elected an ALECer as governor.

It makes me nauseous to know that a person from ALEC could get to the point where they think their state would support them as governor.

Will the voters of Maryland support a member of the extremist, ultra-conservative, pro-corporate, right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council?

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