Friday, June 28, 2013

ALEC - Unique, Like No Other Organzation

The American Legislative Exchange Council is like no other organzation.
It is the ONLY organization – on either side of the aisle – that intentionally (and in my opinion with malice) brings corporations directly and unabashedly into the legislative process.

Unique to ALEC
is corporations attending private meetings with state and federal legislators – sitting side-by-side with the legislators behind closed doors.

Unique to ALEC
is corporations writing legislation that is distributed at ALEC meetings to later be introduced at the state and federal level.

Unique to ALEC
is corporations having an EQUAL vote on which ALEC legislation will go forward into the state houses.

Unique to ALEC
is corporations providing “scholarship” money to ship legislators from their state to ALEC meetings for the main purpose of privately meeting with corporate lobbyists.

NO other organization
– allows our legislators to sit side-by-side with corporate lobbyists
– in private multi-day meetings
– outside the purview of the general public
– to review and approve corporate written legislation
 that ALEC legislative members then introduce in their state and the federal level.
NO other organization


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