Sunday, June 30, 2013

ACTION: Restore the Voting Rights Act

Within hours of SCOTUS gutting the Voting Rights Amendment – Republican states were implementing laws and reinstating gerrymandering of districts – to make sure everybody can’t vote.

Please support the ACLU today to tell
Congress: Restore the Voting Rights Act

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A county in Texas recently submitted a request to change its polling place to a historically segregated private country club, presenting a huge discouragement to people of color seeking to vote. If not for key provisions of the Voting Rights Act, that change might not have been stopped.

And that's just one of more than a thousand cases in the last three decades where certain states and districts with legacies of discrimination have been barred from making changes that would prevent people from voting.

However, the Supreme Court struck down the requirement that those jurisdictions get pre-approval for these types of voting changes, crippling one of the most effective protections for the right to vote. The good news is it can be fixed.

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