Wednesday, June 12, 2013

ALEC's Healthcare Plan - Charitycare

I guess when you are looking for alternatives to Obamacare - it takes a right-wing extremist organization like ALEC to come up with - what they think is a viable alternative.  Their alternative - Charitycare.

Today – today, not 1932  -  on the ALEC blog site there is an entry that pushes a piece of ALEC copy/paste legislation known as the “Out of State Charity Act”.  What this act does is let licensed medical personnel from other states (some with requirements less than your state currently has) to come into your state and offer charity health care.  The salient question would arise - Who is going to monitor the qualifications of the "licensed medical personnel from other states" with ALEC's limited government credo.

What this “Out of State Charity Act” does is allow you to go to charity run "pop-up" clinics, hat in hand, and beg for medical care from volunteers - from other states.  ALEC evidently thinks this is a great alternative for health care - the author of the article if a "Legislative Analyst" at ALEC.

This is the future of health care as far as the extremist American Legislative Exchange Council is concerned – charity health care, charitycare – if you can get to it or get into it.

Snips from the ALEC blog entry:
Ed Walton | June 11, 2013 | Add a comment

Underinsured and unable to afford their deductible, Marty Tankersley and his family drove 200 miles to receive care at Remote Area Medical’s (RAM) temporary free health clinic in Knoxville, Tennessee. With no other options available to them, Marty and his family were able to receive quality health care at no cost from RAM’s volunteer health providers.
High deductible insurance policies – pushed by the RepubliCONS and supported by ALEC copy/paste legislation.
Supposedly enacted to make you a better consumer when it came to how you spend your healthcare dollars – but, in reality, it was to give the 1% a tax break and keep the rest of us from being able to afford to go to the doctor.

"drove 200 miles to receive care"
were able to receive quality health care
And is limited to when they have enough gas money to travel 200 miles to get care.
And is limited to the quality of the volunteer medical providers at the charity event.
And is limited to the number of people standing in line to get care - when you get there.

Oh, yeh - helluva healthcare plan.
That's what the RepubliCONS and ALEC see as a good healthcare alternative.

 “The number of people that we have to turn away,” Stan Brock, founder of RAM, explains, “is related to the number of volunteers we have to treat the patients. If the government would allow willing volunteer practitioners to cross state lines, fewer people will be turned away.”
If the government would enact universal healthcare this would not be an issue.
   But the RepubliCONS won't allow that.
   The RepubliCONS and ALEC want to limit government.
So ALEC legislators  pass copy/past legislation to make it more possible for “volunteers” to cross state lines to provide charity medical care.
So ALEC legislators pass copy/past legislation to make it more possible for you to spend hours waiting in line and then be turned away from medical care.
Charitycare - the ALEC alternative.

While many states are considering Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act   ...  On the other hand, charity care through organizations like RAM offers an immediate cost-free alternative while reducing the burden on state budgets and taxpayers. ALEC’s model Out-of-State Charity Care Act serves as a blueprint for interested states.
RAM - Charity care reduces the burden on states
But not necessarily on the people of the state.
Limit government - the ALEC credo - while kicking the citizens to the curb.
Kick the Medicaid recipients - in particular to the curb.

Charitycare reduces the burden on states
If there are enough volunteers to give the care
If there are enough QUALIFIED volunteers to give the care
If you can get to one of RAM’s events – 200 miles away
If you are willing to wait in long lines to get care.
Want healthcare - good luck with that!

Take a look at what ALEC and the RepubliCONS think is appropriate healthcare for millions of Americans.
This is what a Remote Area Medical charity event looks like in 5 minutes.

You can also find the 13 ½ minute CBS 60 Minute report on Remote Area Medical

While ALEC spends millions of dollars 
to facilitate corporate lobbyists wining and dining your state legislator 
– this is the healthcare that ALEC envisions for YOU!


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