Sunday, June 16, 2013

WI GOP - Being 50 of 50 A-OK!!

There is a diary on Daily Kos this morning – that kinda helps to lift a cloud of confusion.  It is about Wisconsin - but applies almost anywhere , I suspect.

A recent survey on Wisconsin – begins to remove the fog around the "WTF?" That the rest of us are mumbling every day.

It is well worth your read – It’s not horribly long – and even though you will be saying WTF? throughout – it will start to lift the fog.

And the scary part if that this is not just limited to Wisconsin - I bet if you took a different state where an economic distaster has happened under a RepubliCON legislature/gov 
- you would probably find similar results 
- The RepubliCON sheeple, "beLIEving" the RepubliCON propaganda

UWM's quarterly Economic Report Card and poll for Wisconsin came out this week regarding the state of Wisconsin's economy and other transportation-related issues, and the topline result of 56% of state residents find the state to be "going in the right direction," is obviously a main finding.

Wisconsin Republicans live in a delusional bubble and would rather root for their team than face the facts. Even "Independents" (many of whom are Baggers in hiding) are starting to see that it ain't working.

The two strongest predictors of opinion regarding the direction of the state continue to be political affiliation and personal economic situations....
Most Democrats (69%) say the state is on the wrong track,
while the vast majority of Republicans (87%) say the state is headed in the right direction.

Opinion about Wisconsin's general direction among partisans has not changed substantially since last quarter.
Independents are evenly split on the question;
51% express a positive opinion regarding Wisconsin'™s overall direction,
while 49% hold a negative view.
Opinion among political independents has changed significantly since last quarter, when 65% said the state was headed €œin the right direction.

Same trend shows up when people are asked about the current state of the Wisconsin economy.

Evaluation of current Wisconsin economy.

Dems 9% excellent/good, 91% poor/fair
Indys 25% excellent/good, 76% poor/fair
GOPs 56% excellent. good, 44% poor/fair

the GOP numbers in both stats saying the economy is good is UP since February, despite the state LOSING 31,000 jobs in that times, the revelations that the state is dead last in job creation the last 12 months,

How can anyone look at these facts and stats and say Wisconsin's economy is good and getting better? But that's what a majority of GOPs believe (not think, beLIEve), in fact 20% MORE Republicans think the economy is good now compared to when they were asked in February.
 Read the whole thing

Now that we know this - what can we do with it???

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