Sunday, June 30, 2013

Durbin Calls out ALEC - Again!

Yesterday while I was lurking around tweet rolls I saw these three tweets.

Sen Durbin from IL asks NALEO to ask their sponsors if they continue to fund right wing ALEC
Thank you Senator Durbin for speaking truth to power at NALEO event today.  Investigate ALEC and their financial supporters.

And Durbin - was right on!
A bunch of the sponsors were ALEC corporate members - a huge bunch!


The NALEO Annual Conference provides direct access to our nation's top executive and legislative leaders. This is an unparalleled opportunity for attendees.
Welcome to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) and the NALEO Educational Fund, the nation’s leading nonprofit organization that facilitates the full participation of Latinos in the American political process, from citizenship to public service.

The NALEO event appears to be bipartisan in their approach.
Which is a mystery to me - since most RepubliCONS don't want "their kind" to vote. 

Last month – Schlafly – the “mother” of the GOP ultraconservatives stated:

The people that Republicans ought to reach out to are white voters,” Schlafly said lat month during an appearance on conservative radio show Focus Today, in which she said “there is not any evidence at all that these Hispanics coming in from Mexico will vote Republican.”

“I don’t they have Republican inclinations at all,” Schlafly said. “They’re running an illegitimacy rate that’s just about the same as blacks are.”

A couple of ALECers there
most notably
Jeff Denham
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ who was ont he same panel as Durbin
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ sitting right next to Durbin when he made the ALEC remarks.
This isn't the first time that Durbin has spoken about ALEC - Here he is a last fall (1 min 30)

Durbin knows about the American Legislative Exchange council, he speaks about ALEC and he fights against the ALEC agenda, including privatization issues.
It appears that Durbin is not a big fan of ALEC corporations or ALEC's privatization agenda - which benefits ALEC Corporations.

He's no dummy when it comes to ALEC nastiness -
It's nice to hear someone in power - real power - call out ALEC.

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