Friday, June 28, 2013

Extremist Officials Lead to Extreme Reactions

This video has been roaming around the internet for the past 24 hours.
It wasn’t until I read the story on Crooks & Liars that I found a hook that needs to be addressed.

by: Joe Deshotel
Thu Jun 27, 2013 at 08:00 AM CDT

A 72 year old woman, Martha Northington, was arrested in the Texas Senate gallery, booked at the Travis County jail, and charged with at least one felony -- assaulting an officer -- as well as resisting arrest.
How convenient for the GOP - Felons can’t vote in many states.
A 72 year old woman
assaulting an officer

The charges were later reduced – supposedly.

"This woman was doing nothing but sitting until this state trooper who had already manhandled other women decided to grab her, hurt her and arrest her," Willmann wrote on her YouTube page.
This is what the extremist policies of the GOP have led to.
    A 72 year old woman
   assaulting an officer
   Felony charges
Now, if that isn't an extremist policy and reaction - I don't know what the hell is.

Their extremist reactionary policies have filtered down to other public servants – hired to serve and protect – manhandling senior citizens – because the government implicitly or even, explicitly has told them to do so.

Inappropriately charging protestors with felonies – becausetheycan

When do people start seeing how incredibly wrong it is for our law enforcement to respond in such extreme measures?
When do people start to say “NO!”

This is what happens when you have extremists in government.
Their extreme viewpoints infiltrate all level of public service leading to extreme reactions that in a civil society should not be tolerated.

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