Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Post Your Anti-Monsanto videos

Saw this on Common Dreams this morning

Seeking to bypass an almost-total corporate media blackout of the rising movement against GMOs, a coalition of anti-Monsanto groups is launching a campaign this summer calling on people to make and share online videos highlighting the issue. More here to help reclaim our food supply.

Almost-total media blakcout?
Here in Minnesota - there was NO coverage of the March on Monsanto - May 25.

If you took a video of your local March on Monsanto -
it can get get national exposure.

See the article below

Mike Adams – Monsanto Video Revolt announced: Join the uprising by posting your video everywhere on July 24, 2013
June 18, 2013

Following the hugely successful March Against Monsanto which put the biotech industry on notice that the world’s citizens will not tolerate being poisoned, polluted and enslaved by the biotech industry, a new event has now been announced: The Monsanto Video Revolt.

To participate, simply create a video — any video — talking about opposition to Monsanto, GMOs or glyphosate. Then upload it to as many video sites as possible on July 24th.

Title your video “Monsanto Video Revolt” followed by whatever words you want to add to the title. You’ll be joining many thousands of other people who are also uploading their revolt videos on the same day. If you want to make sure you video doesn’t get censored by YouTube, upload it to which is run by Natural News!

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