Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How Multinationals Corps Screw US in 4 steps

Great read on Common Dreams today

It’s about Google – but in essence the facts presented can be applied to every multi-national company in the US.


Yes, these companies provide quality products and much-desired entertainment. They deserve a sizable profit. But while they're making unprecedented profits, they're creating little more than low-wage positions, investing minimally in the country that funded their growth, and making a mockery of the tax laws that are supposed to pay for the next generation's education.

We all like free websites, but it's easy to miss the fact that they're not really free.

  1. Tech Companies Built Their Businesses with Our Money and Effort
  2. They Don't Pay Their Required Taxes
  3. They Show Contempt for the U.S. Education System, which is Underfunded because of Unpaid Taxes
  4. They Provide Low-Wage Jobs, If Any

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