Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SD DEMS to Fight ALEC in the Media - PLS HELP

I have written several entries about what happened in South Dakota this past spring.

They put forth a ruling from their legislative executive committee – that paid ALEC dues for EVERY member of the legislature – forcing DEMS to belong to ALEC.

Their legislative executive committee forced the state to pay for attendance to ALEC meetings - when we all know that corporate scholarships - pay 100% of the costs to ALEC meetings.

One ALEC legislator (probably Peters) had the balls to say something to the affect of:
Now you can't use ALEC against us in the campaigns.”

South Dakota is fighting back and they need our help.

They want to produce ads to fight the nastiness of ALEC legislators in their state.
And they need some dollar$$$$$.

Please join me and consider donating to them.
Lots of dollars - leads to lots of ads - lots of newspapers.

This type of media campaign has NEVER been done before!!
Please help them make it a success.

It would be really nice - wonderful in fact - if this is the start of a trend - with organizations across the US would start educating the taxpayers, using full page ads - to show how ALEC legislators are squandering taxpayer dollars so they can hang out with lobbyists in private meetings with lots of goodies.

What did Republican legislators do in response? They defended ALEC over the taxpayer! ALEC’s South Dakota chairwoman Sen. Deb Peters (R-Hartford) said, “I would look at it as education, education, education.”

Well, enough is enough. If Republican legislators want to use your tax dollars for ALEC dues, we’re going to make sure every taxpayer knows it. That’s why we’re going to purchase ads in Sen. Deb Peters local paper, so everyone knows she is putting her own conservative organization ahead of South Dakota taxpayers.

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