Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On ALEC - Giving Up is the Easy Part

Yesterday on Daily Kos - there was diary trying to get people fired up about a protest rally in Chicago.

The last comment that was posted to that diary infuriated me.
It's all over but the starving (0+ / 0-)
... ALEC could disappear tomorrow and it would make little difference. Essentially, they have already inflicted maximum damage on democracy in most states and set the stage for a hugely expanded underclass, to perform work for the billionaires at starvation wages … or zero wages, in the case of the millions and millions who will soon be in the prisons-for-profit.
A carefully thought out legal attack on the basic ALEC m.o. might be the only way some relief could be had, if courts ordered legislation overturned. With tax evasion as one basic motive. An all-white nation, another. Criminal motives, perhaps, in the eye of the law?

When it comes to fighting ALEC
GIVING UP and throwing your arms in the air and screaming "woe is me - - - -WOE IS ME" and beating your chest and clutching at your pearls is the easy part - the road most traveled.

It will be much nicer to see the many, in Chicago, who are willing to face the beast, confront the beast and pound their chests in victory - as we walk away in victory.

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