Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ALEC Holds Responsibility for the SCOTUS VRA Decision

ALEC was founded in 1973.
Within years of that first meeting, ALEC was recruiting corporations and corporate lobbyists to help fund ALEC - and attend ALEC meetings - thereby giving corporations unprecedented access to legislators from across the US - behind close doors and in secret.

Within years of ALEC being founded, one of the founders of ALEC Paul Weyrich stated:
I don't want everyone to vote.

For 40 years, the continued participation of corporation in our legislative process - facilitated by ALEC for funding led to the corporatization of our legislatures.
As our legislatures became more corporatized - through corporate participation facilitated by ALEC - more corporations - gave more and more money to the party that was pro-corporate - the GOP.

The corporations became bonded with the GOP which has led to this:
And the GOP became bonded to the corporations - that ALEC brought into the legislative process 40 years ago. This led to an overall philosophy in the GOP that is what is good for the corporations is good for US.

And this led to Citizens United where
Corporations are people, my friend
And money is speech.

For the corporations - it is good to have the GOP in power.
    Don't want everyone to vote.
They only want the people who vote for pro-corporate GOP candidates, to vote.

In 2010 ALEC pro-corporate legislators across the United Sates pushed
Voter ID legislation.

Today SCOTUS found Section 4 of the voting rights unconstitutional - which in affect invalidates section 5.
Now - Not everyone will be able to vote.

Within two hours of that SCOTUS decision Texas made it harder to vote.
Within 4 hours - ALEC member Apodaca (NC) stated that the voter ID law in North Carolina would be fast tracked.

Now - Not everyone will be able to vote.

If ALEC would have never existed.
This would have never happened.

For 30+ years ALEC has facilitated the increasing omnipotence of corporations in government.
In turn, the money of the corporations have reciprocated by making the GOP more powerful.

THIS is what happens when you let an extremist organization like the American Legislative Exchange Council continue to corporatize what use to be a representative government, of,for and by the people.

Weep people - really - - - - sit down tonight and cry.

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